Recaptioned: Royal Wedding Edition

It’s time for another edition of our Recaptioned segment: a chance for me to not really have to put much effort into a blog entry. Since it was seemingly on everyone’s mind, we’ll give the focus this time to the royal wedding: Breaking with tradition, Prince William takes time out from his busy wedding preparation […]

Goin’ to the Chapel

In the incredibly unbelievable event that you haven’t heard, there’s some sort of big wedding tomorrow morning that half of the world with a television is going to watch. Jenni will be: in fact, she’s getting up early–and by early, I mean VERY early–to go to school and watch the wedding with friends there. I’m […]


It was one of those days today…Things just seemed to want to be challenging today. I had my pre-op physical this morning, and it ended up resulting in a tetanus and whooping cough booster, and hemoglobin test. I’m not sure what the shot had to do with it, but at least my left upper arm […]

Burning questions

I’ll cut to the highlight now, for those wondering: I’m safe at work. The layoffs are done in our group, and I was not among them. It’s really easy to be critical of the whole process and the fact that no one really needed to be laid off. The company is making a profit, and […]

About the pie

The Easter weekend festivities all went well. Jenni’s intergenerational event at Sunrise is so well timed and organized by now that I think she feels it’s almost effortless. But everyone who comes really enjoys it. 35 people were there, coloring eggs, eating pizza, and learning about Easter. And Sunday was great, even though I had […]

New Feature!

Hey, kids! Today I begin a new feature on the site which I’m sure will be a big hit with all of you! Plus, I don’t actually have to write much of anything on days that I run this feature… I’m calling it “Re-Captions!” If you’ve got a better idea, let me know. And part […]

Here and gone

Woke up at 5 a.m., looked out of the window briefly and saw there was more than just a dusting of snow on the grass. When I headed out just about an hour later, I had to brush off the car. And the snow was still coming down. It snowed all morning, finally tapering off […]


First off, thanks to all of you who wished me well in getting over the creeping crud which infested my body. It was good to be back among the normal people today…Or at least as normal as things get at work. It was one of those days, though: a mix of trying to dig out […]

Every year

It seems like once each year I have to have that cold that gives me that one night of a huge fever and then a day of just being wiped out. Last night and today were it. I hate the feeling: I was cold all night last night, but still I sweat up a storm. […]

The things we say without saying

I had occasion today, as I was backdoored into someone’s computer to fix a problem, to peruse this person’s music collection. Or at least the music collection that had been placed there in order for it to sync to her Microsoft Zune mp3 player…Neither of which is approved to be on our company computers… I […]