I know, Fridays come along, and all of a sudden, it’s a three-day weekend around here.

But it was a busy weekend around here or busy in the sense that there were things to do and either no real time or desire to sit down and blog. Plus there’s still the Lenten technology fast.

So, to catch up…

No new news on the nose front, though more specifically, the scheduling nurse called me late Friday to say that she needed to talk to the doctor for more information, basically implying that she couldn’t understand some of the notes on the form he filled out for what would have to be done to rid my sinus passages of the detritus that has assembled there. So until she speaks with the doctor, I am, as of yet, unscheduled. Yes, I’m (mostly) anxious to have this done: the desire to have full breathing capability out of the other 50% of my nose would be deeply welcomed. The part about rearranging portions of the schnoz and having to take that much out is not quite as inspiring.

I was wishing this morning that there was some sort of magical potion that I could use in place of the salt water in the Netipot to get things out more effectively, but the options seemed few and uncomfortably dangerous: acid, liquid nitrogen, nanobots…

Work is, as it probably should be, work. No useful updates on the layoffs: no panaceas have been found, no pile of stray bills stuffed in a desk drawer in accounting. There was a conference call to update us today, and frankly, I already knew all that was said. The e-mails from last week contained all the information that hour today held. So the pins-and-needles state continues in the office. Though last Friday I did learn that someone I work with quite a bit on the Great Printer Project(s) is being let go…Or more specifically in corporate-speak, her position has been outsourced. I have no idea what this means yet, except that if she leaves the company and decides not to seek her job with the outsourcing firm, I’ll miss working with her.

This is the week that is before vacation, or to put it another way, I’m taking next week off of work, so there is the push on to see how much I can put in the completed pile. Though some of it is relatively self-contained: a presentation to probably about 80 people across the U.S. explaining printer support in Windows 7 (wow, now that sounds inspired…Dad, sorry I yawned so much through your practice presentations when I was a kid–it’s obviously just a hazard of having a job: you’re cursed to give boring presentations). That’s Thursday morning, so I’ll craft it tomorrow, massage it Wednesday, and kick it out in about 30 minutes Thursday and call it done. Otherwise, I’m in the mode of trying to get as much out of my ticket queue as I can–a task that’s proving to be easier said than done.

So what, you may be asking, am I taking the week off for next week? Hannah and Zoe have spring break, and Patrick won’t be home with them, so I volunteered. This is the price we pay for sending our kids to two different school districts, so I suppose I have no one to point the finger at for this problem than myself. But still, you’d hope that somewhere, somehow, school districts across the state could at least get together, point to a calendar, and say “winter break is here, and spring break is there.” But alas, this, apparently, is too much work to coordinate. Patrick’s spring break was two weeks ago, already, which hardly seemed spring-like.

These are the state of affairs here in Lathropworld. Enjoy them, relish them, live them as if they were your own.

See you tomorrow.