Spring, My Ass…

Saturday was gorgeous: sunny, warm enough where we were running errands without jackets, and looking like Spring has finally choked Winter to death and brought an end to one of the hardest, longest Winters I can remember.

On Sunday evening, Spring officially arrived, at least astronomically speaking. Hopes for the end of Winter were continuing to be raised.

Yesterday, I was watching rain fall like crazy, and watching the park outside of our office windows gradually flood.

This morning, there were three inches of a wet, heavy, blanket-like snow on the ground, and a cold wind that just seemed to be nothing more than Winter’s reminder that even though the calendar claimed that it was Spring, this is still Minnesota in March.

That rain from yesterday got caked down with sleet mid-evening, making a kind of pebbled icy base, and this morning, several roads were like driving on a washboard. So sitting down in my office chair was a break welcomed by my kidneys.

What was funny, though, was that universally, all of the Lathrop children said that they were tired of Winter.

And so am I.

We’re promised a few more days of cold before it finally warms up again. Oh…Yay…

I want Spring back. Those few days were so nice.

See you tomorrow.

One Reply to “Spring, My Ass…”

  1. Grandfather Willie says:

    Paul it is all because of the High School Basketball tournament time. Remeber you granny and I coming back from the Beach and being received back home by snow. Oh well cn not last to much longer. Pray your surgery went or goes well. The old grandfather willie

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