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The End of the Cookies and Other Things

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The living room is now devoid of Girl Scout cookies. Or, perhaps, it could be put another way: our long, cold, family nightmare of cookies is over.

We gave the last remaining cookies we had back to the troop. From there, they can sell them at the last few cookie booth sales they’ll have, or they can turn them back in to the council so that they can dispose of them, however it is that they dispose of cookies.

I’s been a long month-plus of cookie selling, and completely different than in past years, mainly because we had them here, and would take orders by day, fill orders by night, and deliver them the next day.

I’m glad to see them go, if for no other reason than we get back that handful of square feet in the living room that had previously been dedicated to the stacks of cookie cases. Well, that and the stress of trying to sell the stinking things.

So then…The cookies make way for other things, or in this case, a radical shift in eating for Jenni and I. Jenni’s been having migraines that we’ve seemed to find are at least made worse by dairy. Confident in that change, we’re going to try to cut out gluten and see if that helps cut them back even further. So I’m hunting to figure out a few things: dinners aren’t seeming to be that daunting: protein, veggie, non-pasta or wheat-based starch. No problem. But what about breakfasts and desserts? I need some ideas, and preferably even some direction in finding good resources on the web, because there are ideas that are all over the map out there, and some of them are very radical shifts that I’m not sure we’re quite ready to make. I’ve already identified a breakfast of a simple omelet and some fruit, but what other options are there (especially on the sweet end)? And one last challenge: I want to make homemade gluten-free bread, and I do have a bread maker, so some of that is going to be easy, but what are some good recipes for a decent white loaf of bread that at least toasts up pretty well?

And finally, the last step: this weekend, Jenni and I will dive into the Costco pool and give it a year to see how it helps us out. We’ve become remarkably frugal and, I have to admit, and have found ourselves to be pretty good at it while we’re also pretty happy with it. So, any Costco members out there who have some pointers to get the most out of the membership? I’m looking for something that impacts my family besides breakfast cereal and toilet paper…

I know…All over the map tonight, but that’s the way it works. Enjoy your weekend.

See you tomorrow.