Not much to talk about today: busy day at work, Lenten service tonight. So this will be short.

It’s definitely feeling like spring out there today: the high got up to just over 50, which has put a huge dent in the huge piles of snow that have been shoved this way and that during the winter.

I’m ready for spring. I want it to be warmer and smell fresher outside. I want to not wear a coat everywhere. I’m tired of shoveling snow. I want to drive with the windows down. I want to figure out what to do with the garden and get that going. I want to grill.

I know that’s probably a little ambitious, and probably partly wishful thinking: I mean, we’re in mid-March. There should be one more solid cold snap and snow storm left to come. But that’s what I want. Spring. I want warm. And baseball.

Now, to figure out what order I want that in…

See you tomorrow.