Stupidity knows no bounds…

…And that’s all I’ll say about that for now.

Just venting. Sorry, kids.

So, for those among you concerned about how my CT turned out, I heard the results today, and they were delivered with all the professionalism you expect from a clinic nurse: “Mr. Lahthrope,” she said (no one EVER pronounces my last name right, to the point that I’m thinking of just having an unofficial contest in my head for most creative mispronunciation while still sounding plausible). “The results of your CT scan show you have a large polyp in your right sinus nostril.”

Well okay then. I would have preferred the terms “super enormous and totally crusty booger,” but I imagine that probably isn’t any professional term given in any Mayo textbook or Gray’s Anatomy. Now if she’d added “super gross” to any part of either description, it totally would have been worth the 45 minutes of waiting around yesterday.

So with that call, I got handed off to an ENT who, presumably, will at some point do the extraction of said booger…er…polyp. I’ve got an appointment in a couple of weeks with him, and I have no idea whether he’ll actually yank it out at that time, or if he’ll just scope me, order another set of films and schedule a surgery date or something. I’m thinking the latter mainly because I don’t really know what’s entailed here–I mean, I know that he’ll get it out through my nose, but how? With a straw? Suction? Forceps? Silly String? Velcro?

Ah, the days of breathing through both nostrils are now tantalizingly close.

With that, I cut this short and head to bed to read a bit and ignore vast portions of the day just passed.

See you tomorrow.