Days of the week are, if nothing else, arbitrary. Someone named them simply because they needed a way to differentiate between one and another. Then the weeks were delineated and somewhere along the line, Saturday and Sunday became days of rest, which later translated into non-work days.

So here I am, sitting at the end of a weekend–the end of a Sunday–and I find myself taking stock of the weekend, as I so often do.

Saturday felt like a write-off: nothing I wanted to do got done. Cookie sales in the cold, getting tires to replace those that were leaking, and just a pile of things that HAD to be done. Today was much of the same, but different somehow: laundry, grocery shopping, but then just playing–er, working on a project I’ve invented for myself in the man cave. It’s astounding how rejuvenating that kind of time spent can be, tinkering with things that intrigue you, or fixing things that perplex you.

I have a goal in mind: augment the network in the house with a server capable of housing and serving media files to anything connected to the network. So it’s on to the implementation, cobbling together the bits and pieces I have into something useful…And mostly free, if possible.

At this point, I’ve got the beginnings of a plan and the beginnings of a framework…Now it’s on to filling in the blank spaces to see what I can make.

Yes, it’s the little, weird projects that make me happy. I’ve got a great sense of accomplishment, even though nothing’s done.

See you tomorrow.