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Freezing My Cookies Off

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Helluva day here in Lathropworld, kids.

Jenni had an all-day class, which meant waking up early (at least early for a weekend) and taking her to school. Why’d I bother with that, you ask? Let her drive herself? Sure, except that we continue to be one of those rare single-vehicle families, and I needed the car today for what turned out to be two reasons.

I got to spend the bulk of the morning standing outside of the exit door of a Sam’s Club store with Hannah and Zoe and a couple of other girl scouts and one other parent trying to sell Girl Scout Cookies. It was 18 degrees when we arrived and 20 when we left…And while I wouldn’t say that’s the coldest I’ve ever been, two hours out in it are certainly tough.

At least they were for me. I know the girls were very cold, but they still seemed to enjoy the time spent selling and being with their fellow scouts. And they did a good job, selling just over 40 boxes in those two hours.

**ADVERTISEMENT** We still have Girl Scout Cookies for sale–just $3.50 per box! Get yours today! **ADVERTISEMENT**

This afternoon, I had to go to get new tires for the back of the van. I’d hoped that the ones I had would be good for another year, but after a few days of struggling to keep one tire inflated, I found out today that it had developed a blister and the steel belt broke through, causing a hole that couldn’t be repaired…$250 later, and that problem is fixed…

Okay, now I’ve never been good with tires–or they’ve never been good with me, I’m not sure which–but I yearn for the days when I could get a complete set of tires for my vehicle for $125 (yes, I did that–with the Festiva, which had tires so small, I don’t think there was enough room in them for both steel belts and rubber and a tread pattern). Ah, but that was 12 years ago, at least. At least now I’m set for a few years on the tire front.

After that, grocery store, drug store, then to pick up Jenni from her day spent in class, then dinner, and some time spent together. But somewhere at the grocery store, I started getting feeling in my toes again.

But Jenni might have had the tougher day.

See you tomorrow.