The Mailbag

I’m not going to admit that I have no idea what to write about. So you get a compendium of the current unmoderated comments at the site that weren’t caught by the spam filter. And heck who knows? Maybe the best of them will actually make their way to the comments. Lazy way out, or brilliant comedic move? You decide!

Our first comment comes to us from long time reader/first time commenter “Mr. Meditation”, who says:

Anybody else feeling weird about all the chaos in Gaddafi World? Sure feels like the right time to repent, look to the Lord Jesus Christ for strength and hope ya think? God have mercy on us.

Yes, God have mercy on us, indeed, if this is what’s amounting to blog spam these days. Not to say I do or don’t agree with the comment, but fer Pete’s sake, dude

Our next lucky contestant is Blondell Skrzypek, whose comment is as nonsensical as his or her name:

I have to convey my admiration for your kindness for folks that should have help on the concern. Your real commitment to getting the solution along had become exceedingly practical and has truly empowered some individuals like me to attain their aims. This useful advice implies much a person like me and substantially more to my fellow workers. Best wishes; from all of us.

Honestly, I haven’t seen anything that scattered since I had to follow a furniture assembly instruction manual. I mean, really? Kindness for folks that should have help on the concern? Help on the concern? Even if I did have any idea what they meant here, I couldn’t begin to decipher the deeper meaning. But by the same token, I’m glad I’ve helped them attain their aims. Though the first time I read that, I thought it said “attain their arms.” I was sure the NSF would be pounding down the door.

“Mr. Java” rings in with something he’s found that will help us all:

Hal I’m serious as a heart attack, it’s a Diet based on actual coffee! Epic right? Check out my link for details… Ciao!

A diet based on actual coffee! As opposed to what, instant? And what the hell is an “Epic right?” But really, the best part is that this is a comment to a post I’d made where I was talking about the cold, my office move, and Girl Scout cookies.

And for the last time, my name isn’t Hal!

And finally, from someone whose name is shrouded in Hebrew:

I liked read your block, im be back

Oh, where to begin?

Sometimes it’s easy to understand how spamming people works and makes money, because if you can just look marginally better than these baboons, you stand a chance to really rake in the dough…

See you tomorrow.