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No, I really don’t have anything specific to write about tonight. I was hoping something would light up in my head and immediately apply itself to paper, but no such luck.

Apologies for missing you last night. Patrick had the second band concert of his high school career, so we were there for the whole show and didn’t get home until after the girls’ bedtime, which means that everything else in a normal night just gets pushed later.

I’d have video of it, but for two problems: first off, the school actually explicitly prohibits posting videos online without permission, and while I doubt they’d discover it easily, I realize the privacy issues involved and wouldn’t want to find a video of my son online that I hadn’t authorized. And second, I forgot the video camera. He’s been in band now for five years, and I’ve recorded every single one of his shows…Until now.  But it was a high school band concert–just like the many that I’m sure most of you have seen over the years. They’re all wonderful but not perfect, and you’ve got a vested interest in enjoying it.

Moving on, thanks to those of you who have expressed concern over the announcement that my employer has plans to lay off people over the next couple of months. I can’t say I’m either completely relaxed or tense about it–this is the third consecutive year of “restructuring” or “downsizing” or whatever corporate-speak you want to attach to it, so by now it’s a little like living with a chronic heart condition: you know the bad is possible, but every day without it is a good thing.

We’ve been through the meetings announcing what packages are available to those who choose to leave, what will happen, why it has to happen, and the like. But all I have to say is that when you break it all down, it’s still the same thing: firing people during what is still a fairly strong recession. Otherwise, I don’t know what to expect. I heard that the parent unit of a group that I was trying to create a job in to move to just got word they’re being gutted and outsourced, which leaves the group to which I was hoping to move in limbo until they find out which group they land under…Frustrating! In the meantime, my group has been operating four to five positions shorthanded for the last couple of months, so maybe we’ll just choose to not fill positions again instead of letting people go, should it come to that.

The weather around here appears to have hit March schizophrenia a little early: we usually don’t see extremes like this until later in the month. But after a high yesterday of 39, it was 2 below when I woke up this morning and struggled to get to about 16 degrees. And tomorrow will be near 32 and snowing a couple of inches…Ah, Minnesota weather: you can’t make it up. You wonder if settlers ages ago got here, and just went through that first year saying to themselves “what the hell is this? It was 50 degrees yesterday…” God knows that would have been me.

All right. Off to bed and then to face the day tomorrow and hope that something better comes to me to write about!

See you tomorrow.