The Short

Too much to do tonight to prep for work tomorrow, so you pay the price. Finalizing the presentation, more of the Great Printer Project, stuff like that, and it’s 10:30, and this is all I have time for. I’ll update more later. See you tomorrow.


As previously announced, I have vacation coming up next week. And as such, I have plans for that time. Sure, a bunch of it will be devoted to the girls and finding something for them to do. But some will be me time, because, frankly, they can generally handle themselves, and the last thing they […]


I know, Fridays come along, and all of a sudden, it’s a three-day weekend around here. But it was a busy weekend around here or busy in the sense that there were things to do and either no real time or desire to sit down and blog. Plus there’s still the Lenten technology fast. So, […]

Between the Eyes

Today was the big appointment with the ENT on the Great Polyp Issue. While I had hoped that it would be an actual procedure day, it was instead just a consultation, because up until 12:59 p.m. today, he’d never heard of me. So it’s probably good we just spent the next 45 minutes going over […]

Spring, My Ass…

Saturday was gorgeous: sunny, warm enough where we were running errands without jackets, and looking like Spring has finally choked Winter to death and brought an end to one of the hardest, longest Winters I can remember. On Sunday evening, Spring officially arrived, at least astronomically speaking. Hopes for the end of Winter were continuing […]


It seems a little odd that in a day that was just about wall-to-wall at work, I’d have very little to write about, but that’s where I am again. I didn’t have too many out-of-the-ordinary calls, just the usual collection: an overanxious admin who needed to print her badly formatted document to a printer that […]

Fast Return

Well, I’m back after the Lenten technology fast day. Miss me? I didn’t think so. It’s been a long busy day, so I’m packing it in early. Back with more fun stuff tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

The Costco Experiment

So we took the plunge: the Lathrop household is now in possession of a Costco membership. The plan is to give it the grand experiment and see if we actually use it and save enough to make it worthwhile. Frankly, the paperwork and actual application process was easy. Though our membership cards have a picture […]

The End of the Cookies and Other Things

The living room is now devoid of Girl Scout cookies. Or, perhaps, it could be put another way: our long, cold, family nightmare of cookies is over. We gave the last remaining cookies we had back to the troop. From there, they can sell them at the last few cookie booth sales they’ll have, or […]


Not much to talk about today: busy day at work, Lenten service tonight. So this will be short. It’s definitely feeling like spring out there today: the high got up to just over 50, which has put a huge dent in the huge piles of snow that have been shoved this way and that during […]