Lessons Learned, part 648.

I adore hummus. But it’s one of those rare treats I get for myself because, relative to the amount you get at the store, it’s kind of expensive.

But I had a hunger for some today and bought a small tub. A small tub that cost me close to three dollars. I found myself at lunch today, enjoying some pita bread dipped in said hummus, whilst Goggling hummus recipes and found them all to be pretty much the same. So, on the way home this afternoon with the kids, I got some cans of chickpeas and then made one can’s worth of hummus for myself when I got home.

So should I be irritated at the “man,” “the establishment,” when they sell a little tiny tub for that much and I was able to make about three times as much for about 80 cents?

There’s that part of me pounding on the inside of my brain screaming “dammit, dammit, dammit!”

So what’s worse? Ignorantly paying an outrageous markup on something that is cheap to make myself (and frankly, tastes as good or better than the store-bought from this morning), or waiting so damned long to actually try to make it myself? I knew what went into it, and the Googling today just confirmed that I was right. So why hadn’t I done it before?


So yes, I’ll be making my own hummus from now on. And probably a lot of it, too. And tonight, after she got home from her class, Jenni tried some and liked it, as well. I’m smellin’ success!

But then I started Googling pita bread. That looks pretty easy too…

See you tomorrow.

3 Replies to “Lessons Learned, part 648.”

  1. Peggy Lathrop says:

    happy cooking!!!

  2. So you were “Goggling” whilst eating pita and hummus? Hmmm. . .

    1. Yes…I was multi-tasking…Eating pita and hummus, Goggling, and misspelling at the same time.

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