Those of you reading this who know me (and that’s probably all of you) know that I’m not one prone to giving in to impulse.

Over the course of my life, that has proven both good and bad: I measure and think about everything before doing it, but at the same time, I tend to probably be too deliberate in doing things.

So let me set the scene on this one…

Today was the Boy Scout pancake breakfast at Mt. Carmel. It’s one of their big fundraisers for the year, and it features not only a good breakfast of pancakes, sausage, coffee, juice and fruit, but also a silent auction, from which we try to buy a little something every year, just to help support the scouts a little bit.

I wandered the selection: gift certificates to restaurants, one to a local bowling alley, sports tickets, Beanie Babies, and some toys and such. Not much really caught my eye. Until…

There it was: only $25, something I thought the whole family could enjoy, and yes, it was totally impulsive. I had no rational need for it, and not really the right amount of free space for it, either. But I had Patrick put in a bid anyway.

I won it. And hauled it home. And spent 2 nearly hours putting it together.

Yes, completely on impulse, today I bought an air hockey table.

No, I didn’t really think it through, though I initially had thoughts of putting together a game room in the basement, once I get the pool table in and set up. But I don’t think there’s room for those and the home theater in the space we have.

Damned impulse.

But I will say this: in the nearly six hours it’s been assembled and working, we’ve played a bunch of games on it, and it’s been a fun family toy…And well worth the $25.

I’m glad to help the Scouts.

See you tomorrow.