Winter wins.

I’m sick of winter, for no other reason than when I got home tonight, I set out to clear off the roof, then do some snowblowing. All this was supposed to take about 30 minutes before I needed to dive into making dinner.

The snow raking off the roof went fine, and hopefully will avoid future ice dam problems since we got the great thawing wintertime reset on the roof…

But then we went to snow blow. Right away, the self-propelled feature on the machine failed to work. I suppose I had the option to pull out the shovel and go old school on the snow, but there was anywhere from 8″ to 15″ on parts of the sidewalk, so I figured it would probably help to have the power, in spite of the fact that I would end up pushing about 50 or 100 pounds of machinery in addition to the weight of the snow when the device hits it.

But wrestled it around, and got things going. Then I decided to be nice. I went to blow off their sidewalk, only to discover after about eight feet, that they had an extension cord leading from the house to an otherwise immobile car in front of their house. The cord ended up wound around the auger.

Jenni came out, we conferred with the neighbors, who weren’t terribly helpful, but thankful for the plowing help, nonetheless, gathered some wire cutters, and snipped the cord and eventually detangled it from the axle of the auger.

Back to work, finishing the snowblowing of their walk and the rest of ours, and then inside to make dinner…

Except it was just past 6:30–a full hour after I started to do what needed to be done.

Se we punted and went with pizza.

I am so looking forward when winter will be over. Well, except for the whole different set of challenges that will provide.

See you tomorrow.