Last week, spring was making an aggressive attack on one of the strongest winters we’ve seen here in years. Experienced Minnesotans know that it was just a matter of time before we got plastered.

And so we have. This morning, when we went to church, there wasn’t any snow on the streets. By the time we came home, there was a thin layer of snow on the streets. By late afternoon, it was a practical white out, even here in the center of the city.

The news just reported there has been 13 inches of snow today just in Minneapolis. More to the south. The kids already had a day off tomorrow, so they can’t call a snow day for them. Jenni just learned that Luther closed for the day tomorrow, so she gets the day off. Me? Looks like I’ll have to wake up early and see if I’m heading out to brave the elements, or if I’m just heading to the garage to get the snow blower going.

I haven’t seen a windy snow storm like this since the winter of 1996/97 in North Dakota, where there were weekly blizzards in January. One morning, I had to walk to work in a 90-below wind chill because the car was completely unresponsive. Shortly after that, I needed to shovel my way out of my back door because of a three-foot drift. I don’t think this will be that bad.

So now, I get to figure out how to get to work tomorrow morning if it isn’t called off…They’re predicting double to triple the drive time. Considering it takes me just about 10 minutes going straight there from home, I’ll need to leave myself a half hour.

Again, just think about it: It was 52 last Wednesday. I didn’t wear my jacket for two days. And tonight…The front door just pushed some snow out of the way.

Winter is a fickle mistress.

See you tomorrow.