Tuna and Salmon

At the end of a sucktastic week, one needs a rejuvenator–something to bring back the joy in life that has been sapped by the rigors of everyday life.

And all it took for me is raw tuna and salmon.

We packed off Patrick to a camping trip with the Boy Scouts, which opened up the remaining 80 percent of the Lathrop household to go to the Japanese restaurant for dinner.

So I got my fill of sushi. As in raw fish. And the most sublime raw salmon I’ve ever had.

Me happy.

It’s kind of amazing how simple self-indulgences can make the stresses of life go away. It makes you wonder what it is in raw fish that makes frustration melt away.

So yes, I’m happier right now, thanks to a great dinner. Even though I get to head back to work for a few hours tomorrow morning. Here’s hoping my current contentment continues into tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.