It’s just part of life that when you finish something, you get some time to just sit back and relax and relish the accomplishment.

But alas, nothing is finished quite yet.

I was really looking forward to this weekend, and it was fun, but there’s still more stresses out there just waiting…

The living room still looks like one of the Keebler elves went apeshit on a set on mixing bowls and an oven. We’ve taken in just over 440 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and try as we might, we’re not shoving them out of the door fast enough…Or fast enough for my liking. It is, however, terrifying to have that many cookies passing through the house.

The moves at work are two-thirds complete, and it’s that last third that will be the hardest. That part is coming up this coming weekend…It’s the group that will get the attention when they move: if things go well, life will be good. If things don’t go well, someone will yell. Wish me luck.

Spring decided to come in with a sneak preview today: it was 33 this morning when I woke up at 5:30 to shower and head out to feed my parents’ cat, and it only got warmer until the sun went behind the clouds late this afternoon. While we had been promised 40s for the week, it looks like it’ll just be a little cooler than that…So apparently it was just a tease.

Can you tell I don’t have too much to write about and I’m trying to fill some space?

We got the girls new cell phones Friday night–finally on the T-Mobile account I’ve had for eight years now. And as you’d expect, they’ve been calling Jenni, me and each other non stop ever since. Okay, they tried calling Patrick, but he stopped answering their calls pretty early.

So I know…This all is pretty lame. I’m trying to come up with better stuff, but I’m just stumped.

So there you are.

See you tomorrow.