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Anything but this

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It’s a tough thing, writing this every night…Or most nights. Especially right now.

I’m so focused on work and the move and everything that I need to concentrate on there that it feels like some of life that exists outside of there is getting short shrift, and thus, little mention here.

But there are other things: Hannah and Zoe are selling Girl Scout cookies right now, and our living room is littered with cases and boxes of the infernal things. This year offers nearly instant gratification: you can order and get them almost right away because we have inventory on hand…And I need to get more this weekend…But I think I see some of the problem with this plan: it’s tremendously easy for, say, a family member to chuck the requisite $3.50 into the envelope and grab a box as they pass the little cookieville encampment that has established itself near the entryway. Okay, okay…It’s me. Do-Si-Dos are a great antidote to work stress.

The girls got awarded with their honor roll certificates today. I was not able to go because I couldn’t get out of work–out of office requests were summarily rejected if they landed anywhere between yesterday and next Monday.They’re doing very well in fifth grade, and I’m really gratified by that: they’re smart enough and capable enough where they seem to be going through the year growing and learning, but not struggling with things too much.

Patrick just passed the midway mark of the second trimester of his freshman year of high school…Which, if my math works out right, means he’s past the midway mark of the entire school year. I’ll be honest, he amazes me, simply because he really shows the ability to just cruise through school, moving from topic to topic with a minimum of panic or fuss. But he’s pulling some solid and great grades this trimester, which really is making me happy.

The weather is damned cold, for those of you not here. The last three mornings, I’ve gotten to hear the car practically groan as I tried to start it after an overnight of -5 to -10 degrees. Monday morning was brutal–the wind and cold just made it feel like the cold could cut through you like a knife. But it wasn’t until this evening on the way home that I heard the tell-tale sound: an airplane overhead sounding substantially different than if it were in warmer air.

I’ve tried explaining that phenomenon to people outside of Minnesota, and they don’t get it–it’s something that we just come to learn by living here: the actual physical properties of cold air and how sound travels that much differently through it.

As a family, we’re doing what we can to stay warm. If it weren’t for the fact that we’re all at work or school during the day, and asleep under heavy comforters at night, I don’t think the furnace would ever stop working to keep the house warm. One wonders how there are any eskimos left: I mean, after a while they had to leave the igloo, right? Maybe to get more whale blubber or a reindeer to put on the spit or something? But how is it that they didn’t all die after just a few years of staggering through the Godforsaken freezing wilderness?

The weather blowcombs on TV have promised a substantial thaw starting this weekend: maybe 40s next week. This is good and bad news: on the one hand, it will be nice to feel my toes again, but on the other hand, all of the millions of potholes that have shown up over the last couple of weeks will be filled with snowmelt, making them that much harder to spot. But maybe that’s the point: it’s almost an Olympic sport to drive to avoid them all.

So, Thursday is the last day in the old location, and Friday is the first day in the new location…I’m trying not to obsess, but it’s hard to. Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.