On Friday, I’ll be in a new office, unpacking and trying to make what I can out of the new space.

Today, though, I was pretty focused on trying to get more stuff either recycled, thrown away, or packed. Well, that and trying to help out one or two people…As it turned out, two was as far as I got, because one call took two-and-a-half hours.

But there are other things to focus on, too. I’ve got about 240 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the house right now. Picked those up yesterday so the girls can start the big cookie season. You see, though, things have changed there: instead of pre-ordering, and then waiting a month or so for the cookies to arrive and be delivered, we get the cookies right at the start, then get to try to sell them. On the one hand, this is probably going to be effective: people will finish their cookies before the month is out and will order more. But on the other hand, it means my living room will have a stash of cookies in it probably for the better part of the next month.

Either way, I’m not terribly amused.

The troop ordered the quantity the girls sold last year, plus some. So what I’ve got here amounts to roughly half of what they actually sold last year. But neither of us has a record of what we sold, so I had no idea yesterday how many boxes of Thin Mints to get from the start. And that was pretty stressful, actually, trying to think on short notice about how many might be sold in the next couple of days.

I have the feeling I’ll be picking up more probably tomorrow or Thursday.

Ah, so the upshot is this: if you want your cookies, let me know. I can totally hook you up, both now and later in the month, if necessary.

See you tomorrow.