I started packing up my desk at work Friday. My team is moving on Thursday night with most of the rest of the support center, so I figured I’d better get a start on things, or else this coming week could be really long.

But there’s one thing about moves, both office or personal, that is always interesting: finding stuff that you’ve either forgotten about, or wondered why you have it in the first place.

In one of my desk drawers, I found a set of MS-DOS 6.2 disks…Or, more importantly, a set of 3.5″ MS-DOS disks. I have one computer with a floppy drive, so it made me wonder for a bit why I had them. But then I discovered my USB floppy drive and remembered why I had them: I’d talked jokingly at one point about running Windows 98 on one of the partitions I’d made on my fast new desktop computer. And to install Windows 98, I needed to at least boot off of the DOS floppy.

Now I’ve got to decide if I want to do that at all, which would mean doing it after the move, which would mean I’d have to move the floppy and the disks.

I found my training manuals from the three days of training I got for supporting Vista and Office 2007. Neither of which we’re migrating to at work. That was a great use of those three days. And I had training manuals for supporting Goodlink on Treo devices and managing Blackberry accounts. I haven’t supported either of those things for almost 2 years.

I debated about how many of my monitors I’m moving with me: I’ve got six on my desk areas right now, but with the reduced space at the new building, I’ve only got room for four monitors. Some of you may ask “why six?” and that was part of my internal conversation when wondering how many to bring with me: how many is too many? One monitor was easy to say no to moving: it’s a 21-inch tube monitor that we’d recovered from a previous move group, and I just hooked it up as a secondary monitor on my test computer. Another monitor is there just to watch the status of the phone queue, and I don’t really need to do that any more. Plus, that monitor is only a 15-inch model, so that decision was a little easier.

I found a semi-disassembled second-generation iPod Nano that a former coworker brought to me to see if I could figure out why it had stopped working. I’ve got enough spare parts to rebuild several computers. And more cables than I think I’ll ever really need.

It’s all making me wonder what I really need to bring with me, since I’ve got limited desk and storage space now.

I got through two of my six drawers on Friday. I need to have everything boxed by quitting time on Thursday. We’ll see how it all goes and what else I’ll find.

See you tomorrow.