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It Never Ends

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I swear that winter will never end.

Today, the weatherfolk on TV pointed out cheerily, was the 27th day of the month that has had at least some snowfall reported in the Twin Cities. Yippee. Granted, it’s been one or two inches here or there, with the occasional 3-4″ snowfall. Today’s will stretch into tomorrow morning and will dump a half-foot of fresh white powder on the metroplex here, where it will be quickly trampled, driven on, salted, sanded, and shoved out of the way.

It’s just one of those winters that make you double-check the calendar to see if it’s really only halfway over. March and April seem so far away, but then again, so does Thanksgiving. It’s like being caught in a Rod Serling story, except that it isn’t in black-and-white, and the dialog isn’t as quirky.

I got back to work today to face my demons: printers and this freakin’ move. Either one could kill me, but neither can make up its mind enough to actually do something about it.

My personal move date to our new work compound is now on its third different day, and no, I haven’t begun to pack. I have, however, started trying to weed out the crap that I won’t have room for: a couple of broken laptops that I’m keeping solely because I don’t have the heart to actually throw them in the recycling box downstairs; a desktop that has been parted out and reassembled so many times it makes Frankenstein’s monster look like an amateur effort; enough cables to connect any one of my work computers to each other several times over; a cellular device that I honestly don’t remember scavenging, and have no interest in now because it’s at least five years old; and two semi-broken network hubs that have as many working ports on them as non-working ports.

All of this falls into the broad category of “someday I might need them…You never know.”

Now honestly, I think I’ve successfully used that strategy more often than I can remember, but I can only remember a relatively few instances where the parts or oddball collection items saved the day with a broken computer. I mean, sure, I’ve used it and used it well, so that’s why I keep certain things around. But there’s absolutely no explanation for holding on to a stick of memory for a computer that no one in my current building nor my future building will be using.

Sure, some of it is just being a pack rat. I like surrounding myself with the oddball stuff of my trade. But some of it comes from experience: out in North Dakota, I had to be a master at saving, recovering and reusing parts, because whatever budget there was for computers was extremely tight and I had to keep everything operational on a shoestring. In fact, I remember fixing a computer in one office with a wad of masking tape, an eraser, and an unbent paper clip. No other parts needed. (It was shorting out because a part wouldn’t stay in place and was touching another part it shouldn’t have.)

So here’s the kicker: I found out that we’re getting 4 moving bins. It’s akin to being handed a grocery bag to move items out of your garage. Well, okay, not that bad, but I know I’ll end up having to move some items on my own. Because there are some things that we’ve been told the movers won’t move. We weren’t supposed to get these bins until next Monday, but once my two coworkers and I found out where they were, we made plans to grab some in advance. Because we’ve got a lot of strategy to decide on to pack them most efficiently.

I’m starting to worry that mine will just implode like black holes under their own weight.

At least after the move, I can look out on the park and lake and…Oh wait. It’s still winter and will be for the next eight months. Crap.

See you tomorrow.