SOTU Tweeting

This one’s gonna be kind of short because the State of the Union and the response(s) went a little long, and I decided to watch them all and tweet about it.

Yes, I tweeted tonight. Long and often and hard. Oh, um…that would be making posts on Twitter, for those of you keeping score at home. And I got a response from a local TV news reporter…Yippee.

To the speech: much was made of the new air of bipartisanship, and I guess that was a good thing, but what struck me more was that the content and topics in the speech were almost a complete departure from his previous speech and even his campaign rhetoric. So my question is this: now that he’s backed off in an attempt to appear statesmanlike and keep his job, will he get what he wants from the Republicans?

The responses were less topical and more like position papers, merely stating their general opposition to the policies Obama has pushed for over the last two years.

So overall, kind of flat. But still, I stuck with it and tweeted through it. I’m so proud!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Peggy Lathrop says:

    I need a confirmation of barbershop talk….did or did not Bachman say that our country’s founding fathers believed in equality for all and the abolition of slavery?

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