The Last

I can officially start saying the holiday season is almost over.

Oh, but you say it’s been over for at least a week, maybe even two! Alas, no. The last round of truffles for the holiday season is now 2/3rds complete.

They’re for mom and dad’s annual party (the one-time holiday party, now Chinese New Year party). The last several years, I’ve made some, and they’ve been such a hit that I would be remiss and probably targeted if I’d neglected to bring them.

Truffles aren’t all that hard to make, which is great, because people frequently think that foods that taste that good must require a great amount of time and effort. Which is half true in this case: yes, they require time, but only because you need to melt the chocolate in the cream for the ganache, let it cool and harden a bit so that you can form it into balls, let those cool and harden a bit so you can coat them, and then let them cool and harden a bit so they can be served.

It’s a three day process. Requiring at most about 2 hours on the last day. But I’ll take the accolades: truffles, especially made well, taste fantastic, and I enjoy sharing them with mom and dad’s friends (many of whom I’ve known for much of my life as well).

There are 96 upstairs in the fridge, just waiting for tomorrow night’s enrobing. Then they’ll be done and ready for the big event on Sunday. For those who will be there, enjoy them! For those who won’t…I’ll let you know what you missed.

See you tomorrow.