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Catching Up

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As promised, I’m back at the end of the long weekend…Though things aren’t quite right yet. I’ve got some work to do to get things fully back up to speed, but things on the server side aren’t quite cooperating as I’d wish.

So, for now, if you’re looking for anything written on the blog before today, go here. I’ve tried thirty different times in twenty different ways to copy the entries over from the previous infrastructure to this one, and the best result I got gave me everything from 2009, but nothing more recent…Go figure. So while I work out that little hiccup, you can just watch this site grow and as I said, go back and visit the past as you need.

You’ll notice that outwardly, nothing much here has changed. With the exceptions of the missing entries and all of the commenters’ accounts missing…Inwardly, much has changed. While I keep using WordPress, it’s a much newer version, and for that the server support needed to be updated as well. Like I said last week, this was very much like replacing all of the walls of a house so that the new paint will stick to them. Except that right now the new walls are refusing to even take the old paint.

In the meantime, it’s the end of the weekend. A long weekend which followed kind of a long strange week.

Thursday was the “Celebration of life” for my grandmother, and I think those of us involved will all agree she loved it…No, no “would have’s” here…Because almost as soon as the men’s singing trio started, the sun punched through the day’s snow and overcast to brightly light up the stained glass window in the church. It’s a cheesy thought, I know, except for two things: 1) she loved men’s trios, and hearing them kick off her memorial service would have just made her smile, and 2) call it a “celebration of life” or “memorial service” or “funeral,” it was still filled with love and emotion, and as someone who’s missing someone you love, you’re looking for any kind of sign that they’re still there to hang on to.

In the end, it was a great event–family who I haven’t seen for years, or don’t get to see as often as I probably should were there, and in that sense, it all ended far too soon. An afternoon’s worth of grieving, laughing, and conversation didn’t seem nearly enough for what it became, but alas, that’s what it was.

Friday was a brief return to normal before the long weekend, and in retrospect, maybe I should have just taken it off…But I didn’t, even though either way, it would have gotten in the way of nothing.

I helped mom out with more prep for the annual Chinese New Year party on Saturday (can I sound old now by saying I remember when it was a “holiday” party?). Made pizza for the gang for dinner that night. Followed that up with fried chicken on Sunday night and a nice stir fry tonight. A little gastronomic stretch for me, which was nice since I’ve kind of fallen into a boring rut of late.

So there you go, filled in with the minutae of my long weekend, you’re braced for the week ahead. Stay warm.

See you tomorrow.