It Never Ends

I swear that winter will never end. Today, the weatherfolk on TV pointed out cheerily, was the 27th day of the month that has had at least some snowfall reported in the Twin Cities. Yippee. Granted, it’s been one or two inches here or there, with the occasional 3-4″ snowfall. Today’s will stretch into tomorrow […]


It’s the end of a long weekend. Well, for me anyway. I took Friday off because the girls had no school. So even though they could probably function just fine on their own unsupervised, us parental types just aren’t up to that concept yet, so on those infrequent days when they’re off but Patrick isn’t, […]


I am not Peter Lathrop. Yet I know that Peter Lathrop just ordered an iPhone 4 from AT&T on Tuesday and it will be arriving at his address in Indianapolis tomorrow. It’s still in transit with UPS. I have no idea who this guy is. A cursory search of Google brings up little information on […]

SOTU Tweeting

This one’s gonna be kind of short because the State of the Union and the response(s) went a little long, and I decided to watch them all and tweet about it. Yes, I tweeted tonight. Long and often and hard. Oh, um…that would be making posts on Twitter, for those of you keeping score at […]

Many Years

Mom and dad had their party on Sunday afternoon and evening. As I’ve mentioned before, this party is an annual tradition going back to my early teen years, which means we’ve probably been doing this for close to 30 years. That in itself is amazing, but what’s more amazing is the legacy of it all. […]

Happy Birthday

January 24th is my dad’s birthday. And, as frequently overlooked here as he is, I felt it was high time to turn the spotlight on him a bit. I’ve said it before: I’ve been deeply blessed to have a great, stable, loving set of parents for all of my 41 years. I can only hope […]

The Last

I can officially start saying the holiday season is almost over. Oh, but you say it’s been over for at least a week, maybe even two! Alas, no. The last round of truffles for the holiday season is now 2/3rds complete. They’re for mom and dad’s annual party (the one-time holiday party, now Chinese New […]

Enough for you?

Welcome to Minnesota in January…As I write this, it’s eight-below outside. And I’m tired of being asked if it’s cold enough for me. It’s that kind of cold where the world sounds different outside–planes sound weird, cars and traffic sound a little different. It’s the kind of cold that makes you gasp as soon as […]