About the Eclectic Mix

I started this up over 18 years ago, when we (and by that, I mean Jenni) was pregnant with Patrick. We lived in North Dakota, it was a free site, and it gave me the opportunity to share news, ultrasound pics and other tidbits from the prairie with the folks back home.

Ten years later, we’ve got our own site, lathropworld.com, and this blog has moved to a new location, same name, new format and software, so it’s easier for me to maintain.

Comments are always welcome, so have at it.

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  1. Grandfather Willie says:

    Paul I remember when your grandmother and I had a 1940 Ford in 1947 and we bought two tires for 16.50 each and they were good for 20,000 miles only. That price was 1/8 of my monthly salary with two kids your mom and Randy plus us to feed. Gas was 28 cents a gallon also. Things sure have changed. Tires are good for 45,000 miles,gas id 3.50 a gallon and salaries probably 12 times. I think I have lived too long!!!! gramps

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